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cargo pant

cargo pant

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cozy cargo pant

45% hemp + 55 cotton 
Made in Toronto
one size - very generous waistband

Designer info

Designer Aneta Sofronova had the realization that holistic health must include what we dress our bodies in.

Only after creating Nusha with a focus on hemp fabrics Aneta learned that hemp, cânepă, was deeply rooted in her Moldovan heritage, where she was born. Her grandmother in Moldova grew hemp in the garden, retted the stalks in the river, processed the fibres, spun the yarn and wove hemp into cloth. She also fed her children hemp hearts and made hemp milk. It was an extremely important plant for the villagers as it offered exceptionally nutritious food, strong fibres and kept the soil healthy.

The main focus of Nusha is to create a cleaner and safer supply chain with a major emphasis on non-toxic plant-based fibres using mostly hemp.

Working with cleaner materials makes an impact at every level. Beginning with the animals and soil at the farms that grow fibre plants, to the people that harvest and process the plants, to the seamstresses handling the fabrics. Clothing has a deep impact on the environment as it has to go through so many hands. Its up to us whether that impact is positive or negative. Cleaning up the supply chain and using incredible plants like hemp not only keeps the Earth clean but helps to remediate the soil and bring life back to these communities, crops and ecosystems.


one size fits most

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