Leave the door open.

Grays was started as an extension of our own home. Part retail, part gallery, we set out to design a space made to house all the ideas and essentials that tied us to our west end community and the world at large.

Offering natural textiles and meaningful goods, we’re interested in the threads that connect us — and inspire us — making space for emerging brands, local events, and new connections.

Currently spinning: Fontaines D.C.
Currently sipping: wine from the Finger Lakes, NY

grays label

Rethinking our garments from the ground up. Our own grays label is 100% Ontario wool.


Made locally: 100% Ontario-sourced fibres, washed, spun and woven in Seguin, ON.


Made ethically: Designed and assembled down the street from our shop.


Made to wear: Forms fit for everyday — completely chemical-free.


  • Yoko Sakamoto

    A Japanese unisex brand focused on natural materials and organic silhouettes, Yoko Sakamoto crafts distinctive pieces designed for comfort and longevity. Made in Japan.

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  • Wanze

    Wanze is the namesake fashion collection of Toronto-based artist Wanze Song, creating compelling garment stories from deadstock and quality materials. Made in Toronto.

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  • Local Woman

    Established by Sarah Gregg Millman in Toronto, LOCAL WOMAN takes inspiration from an elegant timelessness, and embraces a dedication to artisanship, whimsy, and tradition. 

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  • Avyn

    Avyn is a Canadian brand specializing in hand-finished, elegant, and timeless pieces, known for their artful articulations, and natural textiles. Made in Italy.

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