grays label

For us, it’s never been about fashion.
Our Grays Label was born from the fabric itself, a conscious decision to prioritize materials that are natural, local, and biodegradable. A process that begins with place, as any good wine will tell you, holds a much larger story — one that can be traced down each individual thread.
Our story begins with 100% Ontario wool — but it unfolds only because of each person involved at every step of the process. Working exclusively with local, regenerative sources, we set out to create a women’s workwear line that could offer its wearers an alternative perspective — a rejection of fast consumption in favour of longevity, quality, and connection to a place and practice started right in our communities. We’re proud to work with collaborators who share in these values and work to honour respectful, responsible land-based traditions that see more garments being grown, spun, woven and handmade in Ontario.
The design of our pieces is found within the individuality of our textiles. Always made with natural soaps and zero dyes, the colours and textures of the wool shape the identity of what they’re meant to become, giving equal weight to every part — and partner — of our production process. Our practices blend classic with contemporary, something we try to highlight within the final garments themselves: how can we make, or unmake, what’s been carried through tradition?
There’s no end goal in what we hope to achieve. We see our Grays Label as a living story, actively experimenting and refining how and where we show up in the world. Looking backwards to look beyond.
A New Heritage in the making.
  • Our Fabric

    Undyed to raw perfection. Because quality considers every condition, we ensure the wool we select is farmed with sustainability, environmental impact, and accountability in mind — from what our sheep are fed, all the way through to how they’re sheared. Highlighting the natural properties of our textiles means that no two garments are alike — and some may even carry bits of farm sediment in their threads.
    Our first collection was made using wool sourced from Black Sheep Farm in Chesley, ON, an agroecological farming practice that considers the eco- and social impacts of whole systems in their work — from the water cycle to social justice and equitable labour.
  • Our Mill

    A local movement driving change globally. Seeking to combat waste in the farming and wool industries and a desire to work with locally made textiles (while creating economic opportunities for more communities!), local designer Wave Weir founded the Wave Fibre Mill in 2022. Using only natural methods of processing raw material, their patterns take inspiration from traditional weaves such as plain, twill, and herringbone. Woven on small production looms, the character and life of the wool is maintained, translating to the yardage we source being softer and gentler on skin while keeping our supply chain small and local.
  • Our Design

    Reinventing classic fits with contemporary function. Our all-women production team is based in Toronto, less than a ten minute walk away from our space. Working first from the properties of the fabrics to bring out the natural shapes and expressions found in our textiles, our designs taking inspiration from traditional tailoring methods. Opting for functional forms with timeless fits using organic cotton finishings and silk linings, our goal is to create 100% biodegradable pieces that consider a garment’s full life cycle alongside aesthetic, functionality and fit.
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