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smudge stick

smudge stick

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Wild white sacred sage is an evergreen shrub native to the Southwest, widely used by Native Americans in various smudging ceremonies.

Perfect for setting a mood in your home or space, and connecting to natural scents.

Designer info

Incausa is a unique social entrepreneurship venture founded by Vinicius Vieira de Vieira and Carolina Vieira, natives of Brazil. Established in 2012, Incausa operates both as a for-profit through the sales of its branded luxury goods and as a not-for-profit, channeling the proceeds from wholesale sales of indigenous-made items back to the artisans.
The company embodies a profound commitment to social impact, aiming to give economic opportunities to indigenous people while ensuring the sustainability of their model through retail profits. Their business approach allows customers to become benefactors in this process, supporting a sustainable chain of commerce that benefits the indigenous communities involved.


4 inches long

Care Instructions

Burn a little bit and then move the smoke through your space, smudge into bowl or plate

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