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witch new york

memory palace

memory palace

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Memory Palace is a calming yet bright blend of Vetiver, Petitgrain, Labdanum, Grey Pine, and Copabia that is both seductive and fresh.

Perfect to fill your space.

Made in Toronto.

Designer info

Witch New York is a collective with the goal of incorporating mindfulness and spirituality into a broad range of products and experiences.

Through the transformative power of fragrance, Witch New York seeks to elevate daily practices such as lighting a candle into exercises of deeper spiritual meaning, ever reminding the user that investing in a practice in mindfulness, is ultimately an investment in themselves and the world around them.

Currently, Witch New York specializes in candles and fragrance. Each product in the line is fabricated with the utmost care in New York City, using only the rarest and highest quality materials available.


Step 1: Place your Witch candle in a spot that holds significance for you.
Step 2: Inhale and exhale deeply, at least three times, while focusing your attention on your intention
Step 3: Express your intention audibly, allowing the universe to hear.
Step 4: Illuminate your Witch Candle

Care Instructions

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