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cedar nook

yarrow face serum

yarrow face serum

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Yarrow Face Serum is an exclusive formula designed for dry and sensitive skin. Our carefully crafted serum forgoes essential oils, instead providing an ultra-gentle, enriching experience. Applying this to your daily skin routine helps you maintain a bright and glowing complexion all day long, or use it as an overnight face mask for even more intense rejuvenation. Get your wildflower glow with Yarrow!


  • Yarrow Flower and Leaf: Is a helpful healer in soothing dry, irritated skin. Has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps hold in moisture, which makes it a great ally in helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Burdock Root: Rich in antioxidants. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which aides in conditioning the skin.
  • Hemp Seed Oil: Full of fatty-acids, and regulates oil production. Is a humectant, which draws moisture to the skin. Helps repair the skin barrier by forming a seal to keep that moisture locked inside.

Designer info

The Cedar Nook was created out of the need to feel more connected with our plant allies, and the deep desire to know every ingredient that we put on our skin (our body’s biggest organ) is as clean and from the earth as can be!

I believe that plants show themselves to us when we are ready to know and receive their gifts. The healing properties that are all around us is powerful knowledge. It’s a way of slowing down, re-connecting, and having clean glowing skin while we do it.

Carefully hand foraged from the Canadian forest, these are offerings of completely natural skincare, made with love and intention.



Care Instructions

After cleansing, add a few drops to palms and press onto the face in gentle upward motions. For extra hydration, follow up with our Moisturising Meadow Oil.

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